Updates for September 1999

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Hi!! Sorry for the delay, the new Website of the Week is up!! More updates to come soon!


No Thank U Alanis Morissette RealAudio this week. My RealJukebox expired this week, I will get a new version for next week. Today I put up the Alanis and Backstreet Boys MuchMusic Video Award nominations, updated the BSB news, put up links to the Eddie Mills' Fansite, and that's about it!!

Recent Page Landmarks: Jaime Pressly Picture Gallery at 16000, Main Site at 6000, Maureen Flannigan Picture Gallery at 2000, and Guestbook Sign page (why do I even have a counter?! *L*) at 1000!!!!!!!!

Expect some more Alanis, Backstreet, and All Saints scans soon.


Apologies for the lack of updates (too much homework!)

Anyway today I managed to put up a new website of the week, make a couple little additions and corrections on Push A Little Harder, and I put up the winners of the MTV VMA's on Flying Into The Millennium

Recent page landmark: Jaime Pressly Picture Gallery at 17500 (I missed 17000)


Today I put some banners up on Push A Little Harder. I also put up a quote, updated the credits, and updated the Alanis news. That's it!


Today I updated the Dawson's Creek air times, updated the Alanis news, put up a new banner for Mytzgreter's Happy Home page, and then the big update today: I put up a LARGE number of scans of Alanis Morissette Albums and Singles up on Thank U Alanis Morissette. Huge thanks go to Colin Holland. I hope you enjoy them all!!


Today I made a few small updates on the Push A Little Harder character page, updated the Alanis news, updated the DC premiere info, and updated the DC character page. Page landmark: Jaime Pressly Picture Gallery @ 18000


Today I put up a new website of the week, I put up a scan of the cover of Maclean's featuring Alanis, and moved some pictures around on the Alanis and SFIJ lyrics page. Page landmarks: Jaime Pressly Picture Gallery @ 19000, Eddie Mills Picture Gallery @ 3000


Wow! Lots of small updates today! First I corrected a link on Push A Little Harder, I made a small correction on the DC page, updated a link on the credits page, updated Backstreet Boys news, put up the Emmy Award winners on the Friends, Futurama, and X-Files pages, and updated the Alanis news and discography! Recent page landmarks: SFIJ lyrics @ 6000, and Jaime Pressly Picture Gallery @ 20000


Today I put up a new website of the week! And a recent page landmark: Jaime Pressly Picture Gallery @ 21000


Wow... Today I put up an October 1999 Updates page, which resulted in Fonts and Site Map updates. I put up a new link on the links page, updated the Alanis news and discography, as well as the Backstreet Boys news and discography. Jaime Pressly Picture Gallery (this is getting redundant) @ 22000


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